Talknowledgy for February 25th, 2012

Whistle Blowers Like little ole me they really want to Rock The News industry..naw..gotta be like?? Paul Harvey with Robin Williams flavors Twist in A Tad Of Scotch? Or Not? Or C.S. Lewis on a Whole New Flavor Rolled in With Einstien and forget not Fables and Tales of Great World Detectives Dick Tracy Sherlock Homie and Watson..yes indeed they Like my Harddrives..protect from magnetic flux at high rate..does wonders erasing..i have ever Wondered the Rate of REM exposure goes on inside CT Scans than MRI?? Heirloom Enviromental is the Biz name chasing down Solutions with Legal Teachers Educators Professors in mind Along With Technological BreakThroughs Advancement for Betterment To Include Restoration of Our Nations Constitution as it is The Basis For Freedoms Granted..and today this UNITED STATES CITIZEN Stands Honorably yet puzzled How To Convict Criminals in UltraHazardous Asbestos Practices of Forcing Us Working less thans According to Some 1% of the Population..but Tonite please please tell Me With Full Certainty..of Fact.and can History Be Forever Changed..Who The Hell is Barry Soto.??Hawaii Kenya??Truth??0ooo7Forgiveness?? Is it True my Council of 10 Appointed Governors..i Ss it True..they want war..from nuke Slated mar2-2012? Is it True we can track a cell phone and find even tiny amount of radioactivity from satlite lntel every spot…is it True the illuminati is Thru..???
I am not a Tatle Tail.or Tail Twister..I NEED THE FACTS MA’Am Nuthin But the FACTS..all else..must then be a lie.a set up a fraud.a cheat.taxation without Representation and again Equal Rights or No Rights?? This Kid From The Equality State Has Gotta Know?? The Truth as the B.S. Walks and This Kid Pulls The ” Golden Spike” outta Promontory Point Utah!!?? And Why You May ask..its a Family issue. Nothing That Proper due Respect To All Persons as anything less is not Humane.
And Hilliary Giving Guns The issue the Guns have been provided into the Cartells..and our Boarders and others Also..see I Have A Dream 2..!! Stopping Needless War..brainwashed Sheeple here plug this ShootemSimulator??
Yes Folks Programmed…Study Behavior.Study LAw..protect Your Equal Right to Live ask Nato and Soro cheney plan to impliment martial law Globally..ww3.. nope uhgg?? Huh??
So please I Need some Answers as Patty Murray is scared of my asbestos attenuated Litigation Casez on Her Desk Sorry Senator and rob mckenna already appointed To Region10 Council of Governors!! Gov Ventura needs a Medal of Honor And Valor if this Schtuff is Backed not Blocked.infowars ?? Truth? Who has it tonite?? I have a Hint Who Does..please Set a Man Free deEscalate Global Tensions prevent any nuk and war..barryslaw and Appointees must go..mike ormsby appointed by sen murray.reid.obama others look at the Record while u can ask All Senators what?? Hydrogen Power!! Future fuels stop Corperate Corruption..and Ask Dr.C. Everitt Koop about The Murder of August Giangrande a man who.Died from Attenuated FiberGlass the Goverment Approved Replacement for ASBESTOS
One Problem Though this high school drop out took notes.Pauline Kouris was a Wonderful Political Science Instructor..the Attenuated FiberGlass is So Dreaded sinful its found x10 more potent than asbestos..thus when Mr.Giangrande was diagnoded on july10-1982– and shortly Died 5 months not years As Drs claim so Sadly on December 12 1983 August died Murdered ad Swept Now into Friable Hott History..stop this needless war..orphans and widows and Let my Brother Yousef in Iran go free let the muslim be free but dont shoot me for being A Pentecostal Christian..i wont Shove or Force a Religion Down You as Teachings Must Be Truthful as if its not A Truth it must be a?? Pardon my approach tonite..i shall try my best to be a Gentleman..”littlepaul” the info Truths! John3:16! TimTebo! TouchDown!


About Paul W. Ayers

Born in the Wild Wild West of Wyoming in the early 60's and grew up in a place full of history.. Old Indians and Cowboys.. Cheyenne Frontier Days... Is not the same as in earlier times..
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